Live-Remote Training Solutions

Remote Online Training

g2assist_logo.gifis an online remote portal that provides a secure connection through which the ComputerPAL instructor can view and remotely control a client’s computer while they watch on their screen and communicate via telephone to conduct a training or support session.  The computer connection must be initiated by the client and requires a secure key code and authorization to complete the connection, ensuring complete security by warding against unauthorized access. 

Using our remote service is free and actually provides greater value because unlike our on-site training/support, does not require a 2-hour minimum.

“What are the advantages of live, online training?
The primary advantage of online training over physical classroom training is the obvious one of reducing the amount of travel both participants and instructors must do, thus resulting in a reduction of the costs associated with this travel. This advantage applies to both live, online training as well as asynchronous training in the form of computer-based training and Web-based training.

Another advantage is the similarity of live, online training to the physical classroom training thus making it easy for employees or customers to participate in live, online training sessions because they have the physical classroom experience.

Designing and Delivering Live, Online Training
By Jo-Ann Driscoll, Principal Education Architect Centra Education Services, Centra Software, Inc. – elearning magazine

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Webinar Training for Busy People

GoToTraining Logo is an online web training portal that allows for the ComputerPAL instructor and participants in multiple locations to interact within a synchronous environment that facilitates speaking and other interaction -- literally, a virtual classroom.

Our webinars encourage participation and allow for a variety of interaction, including raising hands, live polls, as well as innovative learning activities that support retention. A telephone conference is used for simultaneous audio.  Recordings of Webinar Workshops can be downloaded free of charge by class participants and available for a small charge to the general public.

Visit the Webinar Training Schedule link below to view our current course schedule which also allows for preregistration. or contact us to plan and schedule a workshop to meet your unique application and productivity needs.

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Custom Webinars

ComputerPAL is also available to assist you in creating custom Webinars designed to meet your specific training needs and goals. Please contact us to discuss your unique Webinar training needs and how we can help you meet them.