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LIVE Online Computer Training Designed for and by Women

Boost your computer confidence, ladies! Experience online computer training classes that are specifically designed for and offered exclusively to women. Our webinars offer friendly and collaborative online learning opportunities that fit your busy schedule.

Ada Lovelace - First Computer Programmer (1815-1852)Did you know that the first computer programmer was a woman?
Click Ms. Lovelace's portrait to learn more.

Ada Lovelace

ComputerGALS Webinar Workshops offer women an opportunity to enhance their computing skills in a fun, interactive learning environment, regardless of previous computing experience!

"...timely, accurate, patient, friendly and affordable. My go-to consultant when I have software or program issues or problems. I have worked with ComputerPAL for years. I highly recommend Maria!"

Francine B. Read

"Very good trainer. Answers all questions and takes time to re-explain if we do not understand. Thank you!"

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"Have had her for two power point training courses and both were well done. Speed was good, not too fast but not boring either. Really makes sure you can see what is happening on screen before moving on which is nice."

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"Excellent job and well constructed. Used good examples, and drove a clear and orderly call. Many thanks!"


ComputerPAL combines the best of both classroom and online training to provide today's busy woman with a convenient and cost-effective new generation alternative to current online learning offerings -- complete with an experienced instructor to demonstrate and explain the topic in an interactive environment where questions are welcome and answered in real time.

Intro to Advanced Level Webinar Sessions

Your $35 participation fee includes:

  • Webinar Participation (2 hours w/ 5 min. break)
  • Training Handout
  • Exercise File(s)
  • Handy Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Link to Recording of Training Webinar
  • Convenient Paypal Checkout

Get 10 or more of your friends/colleagues together to schedule a custom class experience or join an open ComputerGALS' training webinar that suits your schedule

Topics include:

Social/Business Networking, Keeping your System Free of Spyware, and Tips & Tricks on how to use Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and other popular applications to their best advantage to save time and increase productivity.

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ComputerPAL also provides post-webinar support, including:

Private Tutoring:  Need to learn software for a new job?  ComputerPAL offers customized training solutions to help you sharpen your computing skills either online or on-site.

See our Training Menu for a complete listing.

Project Assistance: Need help with a project?  ComputerPAL can provide on-site or remote computer assistance to help you meet that deadline.

We at ComputerPAL are excited to empower our fellow females with the computing skills they need to succeed.

Our ComputerGALS training modules are designed with womens' distinct learning needs in mind. Live interaction with the instructor and other participants turns the online learning experience into a fun and productive virtual classroom experience.

Remote service options complement your webinar participation by providing follow-up support on an as-needed basis.

Empowering women and other computer users since 1991, we are based an Oregon. We provide service to individual and business clients locally (Clackamas, Washington & Multnomah Counties), regionally, and internationally.

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